this is the cheetah of shame

Pab was a young child. Very young. Not a fetus, but very young. 12, I guess. He was a stupid child (All children are stupid, though.) and he liked to do stuff that were very embarassing in the eyes of teenagers and adults alike. But once, he stumbled upon a site called "Wikia". It was a site where you could create your own wiki. He did. But then, out in the distance, something came running at him. It was very fast, almost invisible. The blur who was actually just a blur until he reached Pab and had no physical form until he was standing right next to him took on the form of a fat, caartoonish cheetah with sunglasses and gloves.

He said: "u did a bad. shame on u"

He then ran off into the distance to put shame on more people.

The end.